about me

I am an artist and designer, and this is a website of my art and thoughts. I grew up in the Bay Area of California, lived for more than 10 years through very hot summers near Sacramento,  and now enjoy every cloudy, rainy, or snowy day living in the Pacific Northwest.

Art and Theology make the most sense to me when they are understood and expressed together.

I'm interested in stories that reveal something about what it means to be human. Biblical stories are often not communicated as dynamic narratives that engage life's wide range of experiences, but are reduced to directives and agendas that promise order and control at great cost to our identities and relationships.

My experience is that life is messy, full of disruption, and leaves me needing stories I can live in honestly and fully. As absurd, naive, and even offensive as it may sound, I believe we all belong together with each other, with creation, with God. Scripture gives me stories of humanity working out our belonging at its worst and best. Art gives me ways to consider, create, and share my experiences with those tensions and complexities.

Jennifer Neal


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Jennifer Neal